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Turkey: Kurdish Electoral Success Likely to Produce More Violence

The HDP scored a major victory in the 7 June general elections in Turkey by surpassing the 10% electoral threshold to enter parliament. With pre-election opinion surveys oscillating between 9.5 and 11%, the HDP outperformed even the maximum and supposedly unrealistic forecast of 12.1% by winning 13.12% of the vote. The party gained 80 seats in parliament, equal to those of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), which came in third. This was an unprecedented win for the Kurds, as the HDP became the first party to exceed the 10% threshold since the introduction of a restrictive electoral law in 1982. The HDP’s victory marks the consolidation of Kurdish votes within a party that is rooted in the Kurdish political movement. In the last decade, Kurdish voters preferred the AKP, hoping to gain greater investment in Kurdish regions and cultural rights. However, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s change of heart, Kurds have turned from the AKP in favor of the HDP.

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