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Turkey: Ankara’s Strikes against ISIL and the PKK: Likely Trajectories

On 24 July Turkish jets bombarded PKK positions across the mountain ranges of northern Iraq, including in the areas of Mount Qandil, Mount Halgurd, Sinat, Meyina, Haftanin, Zap, Avasin and Gora. The strikes came one day after Ankara announced that it had reached an agreement with Washington to intensify Turkish military operations against ISIL. In retaliation for the strikes, the PKK targeted Turkish military and police personnel in Adiyaman, Sanliurfa and Hakkari provinces in Turkey reminiscent of the full-fledged insurgency of the 1990s. On 29 July the ITP was bombed in southern Sirnak province, allegedly by the PKK, halting crude oil flows just two days after an Iran-Turkey gas pipeline was also hit.

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