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Libya: The Russians Step In: Advantage Haftar

With the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in increasing disarray following the resignation of one of its deputy prime ministers, the last thing Western diplomats wanted was to see the GNA’s biggest opponent, the controversial Khalifa Haftar, get a further boost. Not only did that happen this week, but it came in the unexpected

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Libya: Khalifa Haftar: Spoiler in the GNA?

As momentum around the UN-backed GNA continues following the Presidency Council’s arrival in Tripoli last week, the question of what to do about Khalifa Haftar continues to beleaguer the process. It has become clear that Haftar’s fate is not only a key obstacle to fully implementing the UN-brokered deal underpinning the GNA – it also

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Libya: CBL Reserves May Last Three Years Due to Spending Cuts

Throughout the civil war that erupted in summer 2014, UN officials and Western diplomats have repeatedly expressed concern over its impact on Libya’s finances, particularly the rate at which the country is burrowing into its foreign reserves. In interviews with Horizon, some CBL officials have sought to assuage those worries, saying the situation was not

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Libya: Eastern NOC Tries to Fend Off Its Growing Irrelevance

Libya’s rival NOCs are again publicly trading barbs in statements related to the eastern NOC’s latest effort to sell to buyers who load at the port of Hariga. The eastern NOC claims it has already inked 10 agreements for exports from the port. The NOC’s Tripoli headquarters has asserted that the eastern NOC and the

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Turkey: The Bashiqa Ordeal: Ankara, Baghdad and Moscow

The recent row between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkish troop deployments in KRG territory escalated to a new level when the issue was brought before the UN Security Council late last week. With Russian help, the Iraqi government took the issue to the Security Council on 18 December, where it called for both sides to

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Libya: UN Report Points to ISIL Threat of Disrupting, Not Controlling, Oilfields

The recently published UN monitoring team report on ISIL in Libya is the most detailed open source document yet available on the group’s presence and potential threat in the country. Based largely on information given by member states, the lengthy document offers a much-needed corrective to the mostly overheated and poorly sourced media reporting of

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Libya: Dialogue Efforts Move Beyond UN Process

A flurry of diplomatic activity over the past week, including meetings by UN envoy Bernardino Leon and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini in Cairo, have been matched by new efforts to get a “Libyan-Libyan” dialogue up and running to resolve the now 18-months-old political crisis. Western diplomatic contacts told