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Brazil: Nullification of JBS Plea Bargain: Impact on Lava Jato Investigations

On 4 September, Brazil’s Attorney General Rodrigo Janot announced that executives of business conglomerate JBS had hidden crucial audiotapes from the authorities, which could result in their plea bargain being nullified. Although the new audiotapes have not been made public, Janot stated that the content of the recordings are “extremely serious” and that an investigation

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Brazil: Oil Unions Call for Petrobras Resignations, Ending Truce

On 8 June the FUP – Brazil’s largest organization of oil unions – and a number of other leftist groups, such as the Main Workers’ Central (CUT) and the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) protested in Rio de Janeiro against the “privatization” of Petrobras. They also called for Parente’s resignation as well as those of all

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Brazil: Royalty Changes: Is a Decision Nearing?

According to a report published this week by daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the Brazilian government is considering the possibility of gradually implementing a revision of oil sector royalties. The measure would be some form of compromise aimed at ending a long-winded battle over current charges. Over the last year and a half, the

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Brazil: Royalties Decision Postponed: Rising Tensions Between Rio de Janeiro and National Government

Earlier this month the ANP asked the STF to extend the deadline for the agency’s decision over a recalculation of oil sector royalties. In a ruling announced in December, STF Minister Luiz Fux had stipulated 1 March as the deadline for the ANP to issue a final decision on the matter. With the ANP’s new

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Brazil: Growing Rift between the Rousseff Administration and Its Historic Supporters

The CNM/CUT and the FUP will stage two public demonstrations on 2 October in Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul state as well as in the city of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro state. According to union leaders, the main goals of the protests are to stand up against potential regulatory changes in the oil