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Libya: Eastern NOC Backs Away from Unification Deal

Elements in eastern Libya that have long sought to overturn the existing oil revenue system are again trying to assert themselves after Haftar’s LNA managed to recapture the Sidra and Ras Lanuf terminals. (Under the system, revenue is deposited in a foreign bank account and then transferred to the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) in

Libya - 04

Libya: Eastern Oil Ports Change Hands: A Blow to Haftar

The capture of Libya’s two key eastern oil ports at Ras Lanuf and Sidra near the end of last week by anti-Haftar forces served as reality check for those who may have bought into the pro-Haftar narrative in recent months. Since Haftar’s forces seized the oil crescent’s four terminals last September, using a strategy of

Libya - 04

Libya: Cooperation with Haftar: Prospects for the NOC

Few weeks in recent years have been more dramatic for Libya’s oil sector than this one, with forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar seizing four eastern oil terminals – Sidra, Zueitina, Ras Lanuf and Brega – that had previously been under the control of controversial PFG commander Ibrahim Jadhran. Given that more than half of Libya’s

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Libya: Zueitina and Ras Lanuf: Poor Prospects for a Spring Reopening

The potential reopening of the Zueitina and Ras Lanuf terminals would unlock much of the trapped Sirte Basin production in Libya. Some National Oil Corporation (NOC) statements have hinted at the possible reopening of one or both terminals by the end of Q1 2016. In our view, however, this timeline will be much longer, as