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Brazil: Oil Unions Call for Petrobras Resignations, Ending Truce

On 8 June the FUP – Brazil’s largest organization of oil unions – and a number of other leftist groups, such as the Main Workers’ Central (CUT) and the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) protested in Rio de Janeiro against the “privatization” of Petrobras. They also called for Parente’s resignation as well as those of all

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Brazil: Parente Stays On as CEO: A Good Moment for Petrobras

Petrobras announced this week that CEO Pedro Parente’s tenure has been renewed for an additional two years to 2019. The decision was approved in a board meeting on 26 March. Parente took over as CEO in May 2016 following Aldemir Bendine’s resignation. Bendine, who had served as the head of the state-owned Banco do Brasil,

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Brazil: Oil Union Salary Raise: A Major Political Victory for Parente

The FUP, which comprises 13 different unions in the oil sector, accepted an offer of an 8.57% salary increase last week, to be paid retroactively back to September. The unions and Petrobras management had been in negotiations over salary adjustments since September, and a brief strike in late December (that was called off after three

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Brazil: Petrobras’ Comperj Announcement: A Hint of an Agreement with the TCU?

Petrobras CEO Pedro Parente announced last week that the company is planning to reinitiate the construction of the UPGN at Comperj. Thirty companies – all foreign – have been invited to participate in a procurement bid. According to Parente, the invitations were sent in the first week of January and did not include Brazilian companies