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Argentina: Playing the Long Game: Macri’s Reset with Chile

In addition to resetting the economy and removing Argentina’s standing as an international pariah, Macri took office intent upon rebuilding relations with other South American countries. This was perhaps most necessary with Chile, which still feels the sting from Argentina’s past severance of natural gas supplies. The visit to Chile at the end of June

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Argentina: Macri Investigation: Attorney General of the Treasury Resigns

On 21 April, Attorney General of the Treasury Carlos Balbin resigned his position without providing an explanation. To replace him, Bernardo Saravia Frias (see our Personality of the Week), will move up in the ministry of economy from the post of legal and technical secretary. According to local media, the government subsequently offered Balbin a

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Argentina: New Year, New Cabinet Members

President Mauricio Macri chose the holiday break between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to request the resignation of his finance minister, Alfonso Prat Gay. Macri also announced that the portfolio managed by Prat Gay would be restructured and split into two ministries, with former Finance Secretary Luis Caputo taking the Ministry of Finance portfolio and