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South Africa: Procedural Squabbles Likely to Delay New Upstream Development Bill

On 13 June the Select Committee on Land and Mineral Resources, part of the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), held the first of three public hearings on the MPRDA Amendment Bill. The South African Oil and Gas Association (SAOGA), the NGO Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) and the National House of Traditional Leaders all submitted

South Africa - 05

South Africa: DMR Looks to Clarify State Participation in MPRDA

On 8 November the NCOP Select Committee on Land and Mineral Resources held its first hearing on the MPRDA Amendment Bill. While the Department of Mineral Resources provided the committee with an overview of the various amendments in the bill, the key development for IOCs were three additional proposals that the department would like to

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South Africa: MPRDA Legislative Process Again Under Way

Parliament announced on 1 March that the MPRDA Amendment Bill has been referred to the NHTL, signaling that the legislative process for the bill, which President Jacob Zuma sent back to the National Assembly by President Jacob Zuma in January 2015, has been restarted. Parliament’s referral underscores the intention for the MPRDA Amendment Bill to

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South Africa: Continued MPRDA Impasse Raises Prospects of Bill’s Rejection

South Africa’s parliament returned from its recess for the third term on 21 July, although National Assembly committees and plenaries will not be underway until 4 August. This recess has meant that there has been no recent progress on processing the MPRDA Amendment Bill, which currently appears to be stuck in limbo with the Joint