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Mexico: Legislative Paralysis Over Appointments Sets Troubling Precedent

The week-long Senate crisis over key appointments, with spill-over effects in the Chamber of Deputies, has finally ended. Although it was exacerbated by frenzied news coverage, the root of the dispute was the controversial “fast track” appointment of current Prosecutor General Raul Cervantes to become the new attorney general (see our 5 September Latest Analysis).

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Mexico: PAN Split Over Cervantes’ “Fast Track” to Attorney General

An open, unprecedented controversy has emerged within Mexico’s right-wing PAN over the election of Ernesto Cordero as president of the Senate’s directive board. This has spilled over into the Chamber of Deputies, which is at risk of paralysis, as no agreement has yet been reached to select the president of its directive board. Accordingly, Congress

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Mexico: Pemex’s High Profits Tarnished by Corruption Allegations

On 27 July Pemex submitted its third consecutive quarterly report showing net profits. In the first half of 2017 the company made $6.78bn in profits. This was enormous turnaround from 14 years of losses, including the $8.15bn in losses that Pemex recorded during the first half of 2016. While these new figures are certainly positive,

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Mexico: State Elections Leave Political Parties Scrambling

Elections in the states of Mexico, Coahuila, Nayarit and Veracruz on 4 June have raised many pressing questions in the Mexican political sphere. Voting in each of these states has its own local implications, but at the national level their effects are crucial, leading parties to revise strategies, make internal rearrangements and consider external alliances.

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Mexico: PAN and PRD May Form Opposition Front for 2018 Elections

On 4 June the State of Mexico will elect a new governor. With a population of 17mn, including more than 11mn voters, the state is the most coveted prize for Mexico’s political parties, particularly as the launch pad for the 2018 presidential elections. As a result, in the state’s gubernatorial campaigns, candidates often exchange corruption

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Mexico: Tamaulipas in Trouble: Rising Violence in a Key State for IOCs

The security outlook in Tamaulipas – a state that contains 77 fields with more than 6.8bn barrels of oil equivalent to be auctioned in the next three years – is showing signs of deterioration. Notably, homicides in Tamaulipas are on the rise. According to the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SNSP),

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Mexico: Gonzalez’s Chamber of Deputies Hearing

On 8 March Pemex CEO Jose Gonzalez attended a hearing before the Chamber of Deputies’ Energy Commission to explain the state of affairs at the company. Questions from federal deputies covered a wide range of topics, but three main issues received particular attention.

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Mexico: New Anti-Theft Law Stiffens Penalties

On 12 January the Ministry of the Interior published in the Official Journal of the Federation the bill entitled “La Ley para Prevenir y Sancionar los Delitos Cometidos en Materia de Hidrocarburos,” better known as the Anti-Hydrocarbons Theft Law, which sharply increases the penalties for engaging in hydrocarbons theft. Notably, the legislation had been stalled

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Mexico: Yunes: Key Player for IOCs

Miguel Angel Yunes Linares was appointed president of the Public Safety Commission in the Chamber of Deputies on 30 September. His appointment corresponds on one hand to his strong ties to Gustavo Madero, the former president of the National Action Party (PAN), and on the other to his vast experience in law enforcement. Unlike many