Mexico - 06

Mexico: Round 2.1 Yields “Splendid Results”

Despite uncertainty over energy prices and domestic politics, Round 2.1 was quite successful, with contracts awarded for 10 out of 15 shallow-water blocks. Indeed, Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said that the first tender yielded “splendid results.” He estimated that the contracts will entail investments of $8.1bn throughout their 35-year duration, creating 82,000 direct

Mexico - 05

Mexico: Pena Nieto Prepares for the Endgame

Pena Nieto is facing growing accusations of corruption and political incompetence, not only from the opposition but also from PRI members outside of the administration. As a result, although he has more than one year before leaving Los Pinos, Pena Nieto is already preparing for the endgame. His three main priorities are determining the PRI’s

Mexico - 01

Mexico: State Elections Leave Political Parties Scrambling

Elections in the states of Mexico, Coahuila, Nayarit and Veracruz on 4 June have raised many pressing questions in the Mexican political sphere. Voting in each of these states has its own local implications, but at the national level their effects are crucial, leading parties to revise strategies, make internal rearrangements and consider external alliances.

Mexico - 02

Mexico: PAN and PRD May Form Opposition Front for 2018 Elections

On 4 June the State of Mexico will elect a new governor. With a population of 17mn, including more than 11mn voters, the state is the most coveted prize for Mexico’s political parties, particularly as the launch pad for the 2018 presidential elections. As a result, in the state’s gubernatorial campaigns, candidates often exchange corruption

Mexico - 04

Mexico: Corruption Cases Re-emerge at Pemex: Impact on the PRI

Allegations of corruption in the federal government, and more specifically at Pemex, have re-emerged in Mexican media since late February, when the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) released a study on the management of the federal budget in 2015. The ASF, the government agency in charge of overseeing expenditures at the federal level, revealed

Mexico - 02

Mexico: Fuel Price Policy: The Executive’s Difficult Position

Political tensions re-emerged this week as SCHP prepares to announce an update to fuel prices on 3 February. Whether the federal government decides to stick to its decision to raise fuel prices will signal its strength with respect to opposition parties, with long-term repercussions for the implementation of the overall energy reforms.

Mexico - 04

Mexico: Pena Nieto’s Foreign Policy: Inconsistency and Criticism

On 23 January President Enrique Pena Nieto delivered a press conference on what his office called “Mexico’s Position on Foreign Policy,” a series of principles to guide the country in the short term. Pena Nieto established two foreign policy priorities and five guidelines to negotiate with the US as a result of President Donald Trump’s

Mexico - 07

Mexico: The Impact of Fuel Price Increases

Beginning this month, an increase in fuel prices in Mexico will come into effect, with magna and premium gasoline prices rising by 14.2% and 20%, respectively, and diesel prices by 16.5%. A quite unpopular measure domestically, the increase is due to several factors. First, according to the Mexican government, subsidizing fuels by covering the differential

Mexico - 01

Mexico: Tamaulipas in Trouble: Rising Violence in a Key State for IOCs

The security outlook in Tamaulipas – a state that contains 77 fields with more than 6.8bn barrels of oil equivalent to be auctioned in the next three years – is showing signs of deterioration. Notably, homicides in Tamaulipas are on the rise. According to the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security (SNSP),

Mexico - 04

Mexico: Ochoa Reza as the PRI’s New President: Pena Nieto Takes the Reins

On 12 July Enrique Ochoa Reza, the former CEO of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), was elected as the new president of the PRI. Since Ochoa announced last week that he was leaving CFE to seek the highest rank in the PRI, it was clear that he was the frontrunner to replace Manlio Fabio Beltrones,