Iraq - 03

Iraq: Baghdad Leadership Conferences: Maliki Absent

On 28 January a range of Iraqi leaders gathered in Baghdad for the first of a series of high-profile conferences every six weeks aimed at demonstrating national unity. Convened and chaired by Iraqi President Fouad Massoum, the meeting’s agenda was set by the president’s office after extensive dialogue with the participants.

Iraq - 03

Iraq: The 2016 Budget: Early Pointers for IOCs

On 16 August Oil Minister Adel Abd’al-Mahdi issued a statement outlining ideas for a radically stripped-down 2016 federal budget. In one of the opening shots in the campaign to build a new austerity budget, Abd’al-Mahdi envisaged basing the budget on a very low assumed oil price of “$40-50/barrel” and “3mn bpd of exports from the

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Iraq: Prime Minister Abadi’s Evolving Power Base

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s visit to Washington earlier this month set the seal on his first half-year in office, underlining the strong international support he still enjoys and further strengthening his hand in domestic politics. In the early days of his administration, it was easy to characterize Abadi as a puppet or a political lightweight.