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Mozambique: Final Frelimo Meeting Before September Congress: Factions Dig In

In his opening remarks at the conference, Nyusi was unable to gloss over the divisions within the party that have been visible since he took office. His reference to “enemies of Mozambique and Frelimo” was clearly aimed at his critics, specifically those allied to former President Guebuza. Despite calling for Frelimo unity and strength, and

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Mozambique: Nyusi-Guebuza Rivalry Plays Out in Ministerial Battle Over Land

Soon after taking office in January 2015, President Nyusi established several new ministries, including MITADER – a key institutional actor for IOCs and other investors. It combines the former responsibilities of the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Land and Cartography, the Ministry for State Administration’s Department of


Mozambique: Long-Shot Scenario: Nyusi Fails in September, with Dire Consequences

Mozambique’s political and economic trajectory would dramatically change if Nyusi is not chosen as Frelimo’s presidential candidate for the 2019 general elections. Nyusi’s rejection would be a scathing judgement on his term in office, marking an indisputable fall from grace and abandonment by the majority of the party.

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Mozambique: Nyusi and the Frelimo Congress: Outlook for Renamo Accord

Mozambique’s prospects are looking increasingly positive. President Nyusi is preparing to extend his influence within Frelimo at the party’s September congress, and the worst part of the financial and economic crisis has passed. Indeed, on 19 June Bank of Mozambique Governor Rogerio Zandamela said that the Central Bank is no longer in emergency management mode,

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Mozambique: Privatization of Struggling Petromoc Nears

The privatization of national fuel distributor Petromoc is nearing, with Gunvor, Vitol, and Puma Energy reportedly interested in taking over the ailing company. The privatization of a number of Mozambican state companies has been in the cards since 2016, when Minister of Finance Adriano Maleiane stated that Filipe Nyusi’s administration will reduce the government’s participation

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Mozambique: Challenges Ahead: Nyusi and Frelimo Prepare for Upcoming Elections

The powerful Frelimo CC met once again for an extraordinary session on 26-27 May. President Nyusi stated in his opening address that “we [Frelimo] have to understand the priorities and anxieties of Mozambicans,” which set the tone for the rest of the proceedings. Mostly behind closed doors, 201 of the 209 CC members discussed a

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Mozambique: The Audit Report: Competing Versions

On 12 May Kroll’s long-awaited audit of the companies at the heart of Mozambique’s sovereign debt scandal was finally delivered to the PGR. However, no public version of the report was made available. The PGR has already begun analyzing the document, and Attorney General Buchili has stated that she would release a summary version as

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Mozambique: 2018 Local Elections: Role of the Peace Process

There has been a distinct lack of media coverage of the ongoing peace negotiations between Renamo and the Mozambican government – a good sign, in our view. According to Horizon contacts, the talks are advancing on a positive note. Last week, both sides agreed on a streamlined work plan, which includes terms of references (ToRs)

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Mozambique: Upcoming Frelimo Congress: Prospects for Chipande

Earlier this week, Frelimo members were notified to contribute part of their salaries for the party to be able to afford its congress, which is set to take place in September in Maputo/Matola. (A note to this effect was sent to party members throughout the public sector.) Payments range from 10,000 meticais ($140) for a

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Mozambique: Peace Talks Continue Without Mediators

On 3 February – Mozambican Heroes’ Day, a national holiday – President Filipe Nyusi announced that he and Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama would work “cordially” toward finding a sustainable and peaceful solution to the violence. The same message was later repeated by Dhlakama in a telephone interview with journalists. According to Nyusi, “there is no