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Libya: As Internationals Reach Out, Haftar Becomes More Intransigent

Just days after the much publicized 25 July meeting in Paris between Libya’s Serraj and Haftar, the latter began undermining much of the joint declaration negotiated by French President Emmanuel Macron. In a series of interviews with Arab and European media, Haftar insisted that some (unspecified) parts of the declaration “could not be implemented,” and

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Libya: Trump’s Election Boosts Haftar

President-elect Donald Trump paid scant attention to Libya during his campaign – apart from using the 2012 attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi to target Hillary Clinton – and there is little to suggest it will be a high priority for his administration beginning in January. Trump has not yet presented a coherent

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Libya: Mending GNA-CBL Relations: Will an Extra Funding Package Work?

This week US Secretary of State John Kerry joined his British, Italian and UAE counterparts in London in a show of support for the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) that was also designed to pressure it and the Tripoli-based CBL to mend relations. They have recently soured to an extent that the dispute between

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Libya: Jadhran Ponders Right Price for Opening Eastern Terminals

With the UN-backed Presidency Council’s window of opportunity swiftly shrinking, Prime Minister Faiz Serraj and his team are now under even more pressure to deliver results to mollify a skeptical public. Last month Presidency Council contacts told Horizon it had prioritized what it termed “quick wins” – solving the liquidity crisis and increasing oil production

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Libya: Presidency Council Bids for Support in Tripoli

With the UN-backed Presidency Council’s honeymoon period well underway, Faiz Serraj and his colleagues in Tripoli are now under pressure to deliver tangible results to build public support and maintain the delicate militia balance that has so far ensured they have not come under attack. With temperatures soaring ahead of Ramadan, the mood in the