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Brazil: Temer Charged with Corruption: Political and Economic Implications

This week the Attorney General’s Office filed a criminal charge against President Temer, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), for involvement in corruption. According to Attorney General Rodrigo Janot (see our Personality of the Week), there is sufficient evidence to prove that Temer took part in a bribery scheme through Rodrigo Rocha Loures, another

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Brazil: Superior Electoral Tribunal Acquits Temer, but Further Challenges Loom

Temer was on trial for illegal campaign financing accusations that surfaced in 2014, when he was vice president during Dilma Rousseff’s presidency. But while the TSE acquittal is an important lifeline for Temer in his fight to keep the presidency, the trial was only one of several judicial threats that he must face in the

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Brazil: Royalty Changes: Is a Decision Nearing?

According to a report published this week by daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the Brazilian government is considering the possibility of gradually implementing a revision of oil sector royalties. The measure would be some form of compromise aimed at ending a long-winded battle over current charges. Over the last year and a half, the

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Brazil: Parente Stays On as CEO: A Good Moment for Petrobras

Petrobras announced this week that CEO Pedro Parente’s tenure has been renewed for an additional two years to 2019. The decision was approved in a board meeting on 26 March. Parente took over as CEO in May 2016 following Aldemir Bendine’s resignation. Bendine, who had served as the head of the state-owned Banco do Brasil,

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Brazil: New Elections Before 2018?

Information leaked by the local press over the last week and a half has shown that President Michel Temer allegedly appears 43 times in the plea-bargain testimony of Claudio Melo Filho, a former director of institutional relations at construction conglomerate Odebrecht. Melo Filho is one of dozens of Odebrecht executives who have struck a plea-bargain

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Brazil: Protests Threaten Government Stability, But Not Its Reform Agenda

On 4 December thousands of people gathered in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for protests in defense of the Federal Police Lava Jato investigations after the Chamber of Deputies tried to water down an anti-corruption bill last week. The bill was originally forwarded to Congress by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) with the backing

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Brazil: After Rousseff’s Impeachment: Prospects for Reform and Political Stability

On 31 August, after months of political wrangling, the Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of impeaching Dilma Rousseff. Interim President Michel Temer of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) will now take over the presidency until the next national elections scheduled for October 2018. Although Rousseff’s ousting was largely expected, Senate chairman and PMDB member

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Brazil: Temer’s Administration: Unpopular, But Better than Rousseff’s

On 16 July Datafolha published the first national-level poll evaluating the performance of interim President Michel Temer’s administration. Run between 14 and 15 July, the poll is so far the most comprehensive picture of public perceptions surrounding the new government. According to Datafolha, Temer currently has a 14% approval rating – roughly the same

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Brazil: Juca’s Resignation: Corruption Allegations against the Temer Administration

On 23 May the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo published audio clips from wiretapped phone conversations between Romero Juca, one of provisional President Michel Temer’s most powerful aides, and former chairman of state-owned gas company Transpetro, Sergio Machado. In their conversations, which took place in early May, shortly before Dilma Rousseff stepped down to await

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Brazil: Temer’s New Energy Minister: A Symbolic Figure rather Than a Decision-Maker

Following Dilma Rousseff’s stepping down for trial last week, provisional President Michel Temer has named Fernando Bezerra Coelho Filho, a congressman from the PSB, as the new minister of energy and mines. Coelho Filho, who is only 32, is the son of congressman Fernando Bezerra Coelho, an influential figure within the PSB and an ally