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Argentina: OECD Calls for Central Bank Autonomy as Macri Eyes Membership

Argentina’s central bank continues to make headlines regarding monetary policy and inflation, as well as its independence. The recent appointment of a new director, Enrique Szewach, added to this attention; he replaced Pedro Biscay, who had been removed for “misconduct.” Biscay had drawn the ire of President Mauricio Macri’s team for publicly deriding the administration’s

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Argentina: Stubbornly High Inflation Undercuts Central Bank Targets

As October midterms loom, inflation remains one of Argentines’ most pressing concerns. At the outset of 2017, some estimates projected inflation in Argentina to decline to 22% by the end of the year (compared to over 30% in recent years). At the same time, the central bank set an aggressive target of 12–17% by the