Peru’s Oil and Gas Sector: Political and Commercial Environment for Investors

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office in 2016 with an agenda to reactivate Peru’s economy by streamlining regulation and administrative processes. In January 2017, his technocratic cabinet introduced a package of reforms to achieve that objective.
While two oil sector deals with foreign firms were signed in 2017, the government needs to do more to support extractive industry projects that are stalled due to government inaction on environmental impact assessments and other permits, or due to social conflicts. PPK, as the president is popularly known, and the senior members of his cabinet are eager to see a continued flow of new investment in the oil and gas and mining sectors. Horizon’s new study analyzes the outlook for foreign investors in Peru’s oil and gas sector. The study illuminates the roles of key institutions and decision-makers. We also analyze the business environment in Peru and ways foreign investors can navigate obstacles including corruption and bureaucratic gridlock.

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