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Caspian And Central Asia: Ashgabat Seeks Stability in 2016

On 28 January Russian Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Turkmenistan for the opening of the Russian Embassy’s new building in Ashgabat. He reportedly offered Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov Russian military assistance in protecting the Turkmen-Afghan border given security concerns in neighboring Afghanistan, but the Turkmen leader politely refused. While most media coverage suggested that he

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Caspian And Central Asia: Astana Aims to Build on Successes in 2016

On 20 January President Nazarbayev signed a decree calling for early elections for the lower chamber of the national parliament (Majilis), which will be held on 20 March this year. Previously, the parliament was supposed to end its tenure in fall 2016, and elections were planned for year-end. This decision was fully supported by the

Turkmenistan: Prospects for TAPI after the Iran Nuclear Deal

In the aftermath of the planned lifting of international sanctions on Iran as part of the new nuclear deal, the TAPI gas pipeline may be entering an unexpected period of revival, with significant repercussions for the whole region. Despite years of diplomatic efforts, the pipeline project has been mired in security issues in Afghanistan. However,

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Turkmenistan’s Government Continues Energy Subsidy Cuts

In late November, Turkmen opposition media revealed that starting on 1 December, electricity prices for the population of Turkmenistan would more than double. Prior to the increase, the price of 100 kWh of electricity was $0.40; the same amount now costs $0.90. The Turkmen population had received no warning about this rise in the price

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Caspian and Central Asia Region Buffeted by Declining Rouble and ISIL Threat

In an 11 November national address, President Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested that Kazakhstan would face a challenging next few years and ordered the government to prepare for 2015 with a special 50-day program. Nazarbayev cited growing global and regional turbulence that is likely to affect Kazakhstan, including: the changing global security landscape; the growth of the