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Indonesia: Intrigue at Pertamina: Soetjipto’s Sudden Ousting

Last week, Pertamina CEO Dwi Soetjipto and Vice President Director Ahmad Bambang were suddenly dismissed due to “leadership issues.” The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises noted that since “Pertamina has responsibilities in the future and has many strategic tasks … [its] management has to be solid and [the ministry] has decided that there needs to be

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Indonesia: Gross Split PSCs: Improved Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector?

Last week Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan issued Regulation No. 08/2017 regarding so-called gross split PSCs. Offshore North West Java (ONWJ) block will be the first to replace cost recovery with this new framework. Under the gross split PSC, the Indonesian government will own any and all natural resources until the point

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Indonesia: Continued Debate Over a New Energy Minister

Despite rampant speculation in recent weeks, President Joko Widodo has failed to name a replacement for ousted Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Archandra Tahar. The latest twist in this saga is growing discussion of the possibility that Tahar may return to the energy portfolio. Some Jokowi aides have mentioned that the issue with his

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Indonesia: Who Will Replace Archandra Tahar as Energy Minister?

Archandra Tahar’s 19-day tenure at the Ministry of Energy was not without controversy. His downfall last week had little to do with his ability to carry out his ministerial duties, but rather with the fact that he is a holder of two passports – one from Indonesia and one from the US. Under the

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Indonesia: Cabinet Reshuffle: Golkar’s Growing Role in the Energy Sector

On 27 July President Joko Widodo announced the long-awaited cabinet reshuffle. As Horizon expected, most of the changes carried out by the president seem to be designed to accommodate new coalition partners, in particular Golkar and PAN, while also strengthening loyalists such as NasDem and Hanura.

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Indonesia: Cabinet Reshuffle Prospects: Drivers and Implications

Despite apparent inaction in recent weeks, government figures in Jakarta continue to expect potential changes in the cabinet in the near term. President Joko Widodo has provided further hints as to what will motivate his imminent cabinet reshuffle.
As Horizon previously assessed…

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Indonesia: Soemarno Under Fire: Political Maneuvering after the Budget Vote

In a political victory for President Joko Widodo, the DPR recently approved the revamped 2016 budget and the tax amnesty bill. In the aftermath of the vote, Jokowi held unexpected meetings with Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Rini Soemarno, Pertamina CEO Dwi Soetjipto and PLN CEO Sofyan Basir, fueling growing speculation over another cabinet reshuffle.

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Indonesia: Novanto Kicks off 2019 Elections

In an surprise move, newly elected Golkar chairman Setya Novanto has already unofficially endorsed Jokowi in the 2019 presidential elections. As Horizon recently reported, the Golkar party’s elections have brought it closer to the government (please see our 18 May Latest Analysis).While its timing is unexpected, we believe that Novanto’s tacit endorsement is a demonstration