Mexico - 02

Mexico: Amid Restructuring, Pemex Mired in Scandal

On 23 January Reuters released a report indicating that federal auditors had flagged some 8% of Pemex’s contracts between 2003 and 2012, totaling $11.7bn. The report comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement that it would be re-negotiating service contracts in hopes of saving $2bn-3bn amid lower oil prices. While the move to

Indonesia - 04

Indonesia: Oil and Gas Sector Reforms Blocked by Attacks on KPK

In a 25 January press conference, President Widodo called for an end to the “criminalization” of the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) and appointed an independent, six-person team to mediate the spiraling conflict between the KPK and the national police. The team includes former Constitutional Court Chief Justice Jimly Asshiddiqie, former KPK commissioners Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean and

Brazil - 03

Brazil: Rousseff Faces Friendly Fire Over Petrobras Scandal

In a 64-page written report to the Union’s Account Tribunal (TCU) on 20 January, former Petrobras CEO Jose Sergio Gabrielli called for President Dilma Rousseff to be held accountable for irregularities in the purchase of US-based Pasadena oil refinery. Gabrielli, who is currently under threat of having his assets blocked because of the current investigations

Mozambique - 01

Mozambique: Renamo Boycotts Government as New Parliament Takes Shape

On 30 December the Constitutional Court confirmed the results of the 15 October general elections in favor of Frelimo and its presidential candidate, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi. While the certification is no surprise, the announcement had been repeatedly delayed due to Renamo’s adamant allegations of electoral fraud and implicit threats of violence if the results were

Iraq - 04

Iraq: Formation of KEPCO – An Off-Ramp for Ashti Hawrami?

At the London CWC energy conference in mid-December one of the recurring themes in Ashti Hawrami’s comments was reference to the regulator function of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Ashti’s words point toward the intended role for the ministry after the Kurdistan Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO) is established. A blueprint for the future

Turkmenistan - 01

Turkmenistan’s Government Continues Energy Subsidy Cuts

In late November, Turkmen opposition media revealed that starting on 1 December, electricity prices for the population of Turkmenistan would more than double. Prior to the increase, the price of 100 kWh of electricity was $0.40; the same amount now costs $0.90. The Turkmen population had received no warning about this rise in the price