Mozambique - 02

Mozambican Spring? Implications of Provincial Autonomy Law Rejection

On 30 April the Frelimo-dominated AR rejected Renamo’s recently submitted draft law on greater provincial autonomy, with 138 Frelimo MPs voting down the proposal and 82 Renamo and 16 Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) MPs voting in favor. The proposed law envisaged the creation of a new provincial executive independent of the central government, as well

Libya - 01

Libya: Ever the Opportunist: Jadhran’s Next Steps

Amid the political turmoil of the past year, there has been much speculation over the position and alliances of Ibrahim Jadhran, the PFG commander who led an almost yearlong militia blockade of eastern oil ports beginning in summer 2013. Jadhran has kept a low public profile since agreeing to lift the blockade as part of

Turkey - 01

Turkey: Ankara and Riyadh Boost Syria Cooperation

Recent international media coverage has increasingly centered on renewed Turkish-Saudi initiatives to strengthen various rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Indeed, on 7 May reports emerged that Turkish and Saudi officials had agreed on increasing their cooperation in Syria to include a more active and coordinated strategy of funding and organizing rebel forces.

Libya - 06

Libya: Warnings from the Audit Bureau’s Annual Report

In the latest warning of Libya’s deepening economic crisis, the Tripoli-based Audit Bureau released its 500-plus-page 2014 annual report late last week, which detailed the extraordinary overspending of a range of government ministries and alludes to rampant official corruption. The report has sparked widespread debate in Libya, both in broadcast and social media, and has

KRG - 02

Iraq: ISIL’s Emerging Role in ITP Tapping and Smuggling Highlights New Threat

Horizon has long stressed the risk of pipeline interference of the Iraq-Turkey Pipeline (ITP) as a key constraint on Kurdish – and Kirkuk – oil exports. Notably, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami recently reported that the ITP was non-operational for 15% of the time in Q1 2015. One reason for