Kazakhstan - 03

Kazakhstan: Efficiency Drive at KMG

Kazakhstan’s KMG held numerous meetings and workshops in August seeking to increase efficiency in its own production as well as joint work with IOCs. The company also used these events to publicize the achievements of its ongoing transformation program. Last week, KMG’s E&P and strategy teams completed a preliminary overview of its subsidiaries’ and affiliates’

Libya - 04

Libya: As Internationals Reach Out, Haftar Becomes More Intransigent

Just days after the much publicized 25 July meeting in Paris between Libya’s Serraj and Haftar, the latter began undermining much of the joint declaration negotiated by French President Emmanuel Macron. In a series of interviews with Arab and European media, Haftar insisted that some (unspecified) parts of the declaration “could not be implemented,” and

South Africa - 04

South Africa: Sasol’s Tax Dispute Reflects Deep Problems at Revenue Authority

The dispute between Sasol and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) over outstanding tax liabilities and penalties of 12.8bn rand ($985mn) relates to the company’s international procurement of crude between 2005 and 2014. The controversy has intensified amid growing concerns over SARS’ politicization and increasingly precarious economic position.

Mexico - 04

Mexico: SENER Extends Pemex’s Minimum Work Terms

In Round 0, held in March 2014, the Mexican government awarded Pemex 103 oil blocks, containing much of country’s proved and probable reserves. At the time, then CEO Emilio Lozoya Austin announced very upbeat forecasts and declared that such areas would guarantee Pemex’s viability. Since then, however, amid the global fall in oil prices and

Turkey - 03

Turkey: Military High Command Reasserts its Authority: Aksakalli Reassigned

A 22 August press release by Turkey’s Ministry of Defense stated that seven high-ranking generals and admirals had resigned, generating considerable controversy. Despite successive purges and forced resignations since the failed coup attempt in July 2016, these resignations demonstrated that grievances within the military command still lingered on and could no longer be contained. Furthermore,

Mozambique - 04

Mozambique: New Sovereign Wealth Fund: Few Details, but Positive Potential

According to Minister of Economy and Finance Adriano Maleiane, the new National Development Fund (NDF) will draw upon income from natural resources in Mozambique – specifically, capital gains tax revenues from the coal and gas sectors. He also vaguely noted that the NDF would be used to fund “good initiatives.”

Libya - 05

Libya: Down but Not Out: the Islamic State Group’s Residual Threat

The Islamic State Group (ISG) recently claimed its first attack in several months in Libya, with Libyan National Army (LNA) forces and civilians killed at a checkpoint in Jufra. ISG’s Amaq news agency claimed that 21 members of what it called Khalifa Haftar’s “militias” had been killed or injured in the raid. Notably, the incident

Argentina - 02

Argentina: Boosted by Primaries, Macri Purges Pro-Union Officials

Argentina’s trade unions again took to the streets in large numbers this week, converging on the Plaza de Mayo, just outside of the Casa Rosada (the house of government). The strikes, led primarily by the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), voiced the same discontent as previous demonstrations during the last several months – specifically regarding

Mexico - 07

Mexico: PRI Expands Candidacy Eligibility, Spurring Dissent

On 13 August, around 10,000 PRI members attended the party’s 22nd National Assembly in Mexico City. Many political analysts viewed the gathering as a success due to the assertive actions of Pena Nieto and PRI National Leader Enrique Ochoa Reza to consolidate their power over the party and its future going into the 2018 elections.

Turkey - 01

Turkey: Ankara to Pursue Aggressive Offshore Exploration Strategy

On 10 August, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak stated that his ministry will push for “more aggressive” exploration efforts in the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean in the coming months. He made this statement during a live TV interview, held specifically to declare his new energy strategy. He further stated that