Turkey - 05

Turkey: Sovereign Wealth Fund Tensions to Reverberate in Energy Sector

The Turkish Sovereign Wealth Fund (TVF) began operations on 7 February 2017 amid high expectations. Leveraging the presidency’s political support, the TVF centralizes efforts to attract large-scale foreign investment and aims to expedite the privatization of Turkey’s key state-owned enterprises (SOEs), including lucrative Turkish Airlines, TurkTelekom, satellite operator TURKSAT, Turkish Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS), Turkish Petroleum

Mexico - 01

Mexico: Legislative Paralysis Over Appointments Sets Troubling Precedent

The week-long Senate crisis over key appointments, with spill-over effects in the Chamber of Deputies, has finally ended. Although it was exacerbated by frenzied news coverage, the root of the dispute was the controversial “fast track” appointment of current Prosecutor General Raul Cervantes to become the new attorney general (see our 5 September Latest Analysis).

Libya - 06

Libya: Political Alliances Shift Again: Opportunity for ISG?

Libya’s dense tangle of political and military alliances has shifted yet again as the new UN envoy Ghassan Salame continues his introductory meetings across the country, and various Western foreign ministers urge key Libyans to commit to the UN peace process or French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative (launched in July).

Argentina - 01

Argentina: New Anti-Corruption Program: Macri Attempts to Regain Ground

As the August primaries indicated, Argentina’s former President Cristina Kirchner and her new political movement Unidad Ciudadana are very competitive against President Mauricio Macri’s Republican Proposal (PRO) and Cambiemos coalition. The close results heightened expectations for the October midterms and proved that Argentina’s population is split on how it desires the country’s economy to be

Mozambique - 01

Mozambique: Attack on Police Station Raises Fears of Radical Islam

On 27 August, six men attacked a police post in Nametil, Mogovolas district, in Nampula province of Mozambique. The assailants entered the police station under the pretext of wanting to report a crime, then killed one police officer and gravely injured another. The Nampula provincial police spokesman claimed that the perpetrators tried but failed to

Brazil - 03

Brazil: Nullification of JBS Plea Bargain: Impact on Lava Jato Investigations

On 4 September, Brazil’s Attorney General Rodrigo Janot announced that executives of business conglomerate JBS had hidden crucial audiotapes from the authorities, which could result in their plea bargain being nullified. Although the new audiotapes have not been made public, Janot stated that the content of the recordings are “extremely serious” and that an investigation

South Africa - 05

South Africa: Gas IPP Program Suspended, Pending Final Electricity Plans

On 1 September, South Africa’s Minister of Energy Mmamoloko Kubayi announced that state-owned power utility Eskom will sign power producer agreement (PPAs) with the successful renewable energy independent power producers (IPPs) of Bid Windows 3.5 and 4 by the end of October 2017. The renewable sector, which has been frustrated by Eskom’s delaying tactics, applauded

Mexico - 02

Mexico: PAN Split Over Cervantes’ “Fast Track” to Attorney General

An open, unprecedented controversy has emerged within Mexico’s right-wing PAN over the election of Ernesto Cordero as president of the Senate’s directive board. This has spilled over into the Chamber of Deputies, which is at risk of paralysis, as no agreement has yet been reached to select the president of its directive board. Accordingly, Congress

Brazil - 09

Brazil: Pledge to Privatize Eletrobras Underscores Meirelles’ Presidential Ambitions

The announced privatization of Eletrobras surprised markets, causing the company’s shares to soar 50%. Brazil’s government has stated that it will no longer control the company in 2018, although the method of privatization and how much of the government’s 51% voting stake will be sold remain unclear. The company operates throughout the supply chain, with