Kazakhstan - 04

Kazakhstan: Latest Analysis KMG Streamlines Corporate Structure

Last week KMG CEO Sauat Mynbayev announced that the company is transforming its subsidiaries in order to reduce red tape. These reforms have been discussed for over two years but concrete details are only now emerging. Mynbayev said the company is planning to convert some of its subsidiaries to limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and pass

Turkey - 01

Turkey: Eastern Mediterranean Energy Activity to Rise Despite Tensions

Last week Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak reasserted Turkey’s willingness to continue gas exploration in the waters off the coast of Cyprus. He announced his ministry’s plan to buy a drillship to operate in Northern Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the Black Sea. Even before acquiring this new ship, Albayrak stated

Libya - 04

Libya: Eastern Camp Rides the Anti-Qatar Wave with Glencore Crackdown

The latest smear tactic between Libya’s political camps involves Islamist extremism, which by no coincidence was the theme of President Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia. The “Trump effect” arguably triggered the Qatar blockade, Bahrain’s crackdown on civil society and perhaps even the timing of recent succession moves in Saudi Arabia. Recently, individuals in the

Argentina - 01

Argentina: Macri and Labor Unions: Tensions Rise Ahead of Midterms

On 16 June important salary negotiations between the truck drivers’ labor union, transport employers and the government began under considerable tension. Union leader Hugo Moyano (see our Personality of the Week) requested a 32% salary increase for truck drivers, far above the 18-20% band the government has suggested. Unsurprisingly, the business establishment was angered by

Mexico - 05

Mexico: Pena Nieto Prepares for the Endgame

Pena Nieto is facing growing accusations of corruption and political incompetence, not only from the opposition but also from PRI members outside of the administration. As a result, although he has more than one year before leaving Los Pinos, Pena Nieto is already preparing for the endgame. His three main priorities are determining the PRI’s

Kazakhstan - 03

Kazakhstan: Astana Expo: Initial Assessment

With much fanfare, on 9 June President Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the long-awaited Astana Expo 2017, which features the theme of “future energy.” The international exposition is the 25-year-old country’s most important public event, and arguably Nazarbayev’s as well. Kazakhstan has previously hosted large events, like the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) summit

Argentina - 02

Argentina: Odebrecht Scandal Arrives, Casting Shadows Over Politicians

As a presidential candidate in 2015, Macri emphasized the perils of a corrupt administration and its negative impacts on the nation. In this light, he repeatedly decried manipulated data issued by the national statistics agency (INDEC) and former President Cristina Kirchner, as well as her cabinet and allies. By contrast, Macri promised to clean up

Mozambique - 04

Mozambique: Privatization of Struggling Petromoc Nears

The privatization of national fuel distributor Petromoc is nearing, with Gunvor, Vitol, and Puma Energy reportedly interested in taking over the ailing company. The privatization of a number of Mozambican state companies has been in the cards since 2016, when Minister of Finance Adriano Maleiane stated that Filipe Nyusi’s administration will reduce the government’s participation

Turkey - 05

Turkey: Erdogan Balances Between Competing Security Factions

Divisions within the Turkish security apparatus have intensified after the failed coup attempt in July 2016, forming three main factions. They have competing priorities on Syria and Iraq, and tensions between them are spilling over into Turkey’s internal and external security conduct.