Libya - 01

Libya: Kidnappings Soar in Security Vacuum

As Libya’s UN-mediated peace process wavers and the country’s political and security vacuum continues, there are worrying indications of a deeper social unraveling taking place. Kidnappings, many of them politically motivated, have been on the rise across Libya in recent years. But of even greater concern, there has been a spike in abductions for ransom

Argentina - 02

Argentina: Macri Investigation: Attorney General of the Treasury Resigns

On 21 April, Attorney General of the Treasury Carlos Balbin resigned his position without providing an explanation. To replace him, Bernardo Saravia Frias (see our Personality of the Week), will move up in the ministry of economy from the post of legal and technical secretary. According to local media, the government subsequently offered Balbin a

Mozambique - 03

Mozambique: 2018 Local Elections: Role of the Peace Process

There has been a distinct lack of media coverage of the ongoing peace negotiations between Renamo and the Mozambican government – a good sign, in our view. According to Horizon contacts, the talks are advancing on a positive note. Last week, both sides agreed on a streamlined work plan, which includes terms of references (ToRs)

Kazakhstan - 04

Kazakhstan: Prime Minister Sagintayev Visits the US

Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev paid an official visit to the US from 11-14 April at the behest of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who wants to attract global business leaders to participate in his so-called “Third Modernization” of the Kazakh economy. This term dates to the president’s speech from last year in which he urged a technological

Argentina - 03

Argentina: Feud at the Energy Ministry: Will Anything Change?

Since taking office, President Mauricio Macri has heavily focused on Argentina’s energy sector, particularly as his government continues on a path to regain investor confidence and remove the country’s international stigma. Indeed, a key goal has been to reverse a plunge in energy production, which resulted in shortages and a surge in imports, by confronting

South Africa - 01

South Africa: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma: Political Prospects and Controversy

Following the end of her tenure as chairwoman of the African Union, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma returned to South Africa in campaign mode for the ANC succession. Dlamini-Zuma has made several public appearances in recent weeks that have given her prominence in the domestic political arena. They have also provided a better understanding of who and what

Brazil - 01

Brazil: Royalty Changes: Is a Decision Nearing?

According to a report published this week by daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the Brazilian government is considering the possibility of gradually implementing a revision of oil sector royalties. The measure would be some form of compromise aimed at ending a long-winded battle over current charges. Over the last year and a half, the

Libya - 06

Libya: Haftar’s Intransigence: Prospects for Negotiations

Despite hopes by UN envoy Martin Kobler and others that renewed engagement by Russia could help push Khalifa Haftar to the negotiating table to hammer out a power-sharing deal, the Libyan National Army (LNA) leader is more intransigent than ever. As Horizon predicted, Haftar has turned his focus to the south, where he hopes to

Russia - 05

Russia: Putin and Regional Governors: Confusion Amid Arrests

On 13 April the FSB arrested Leonid Markelov, who had just resigned as the governor of Mari El Republic, an underdeveloped region in the Volga basin. Markelov, who was charged with corruption, will hardly be missed in the region. One of the country’s most eccentric governors, he made his mark building full-size copies of Venetian