Brazil - 04

Brazil: Indications of Local Content Changes

According to an article published in newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo on 26 August, Marcio Felix, the secretary of oil and gas in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, stated that the Brazilian government will soon reduce local content requirements for companies operating in the oil and gas sector. “There will not be exploration

Mexico - 07

Mexico: Pemex Fills PTI Corporate Directorship

On 21 August Pemex’s board approved the appointment of Carlos Rafael Murrieta Cummings as the new corporate director of PTI, the company’s branch that groups former subsidiaries Pemex Refining, Pemex Gas and Basic Petrochemicals and Pemex Petrochemicals. PTI’s corporate directorship had been vacant since February after Alejandro Martinez Sibaja unexpectedly resigned.

South Africa - 02

South Africa: Protecting Zuma’s Legacy: Impact on Policy-Making

On 24 August the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources considered the input from the National House of Traditional Leaders (NHTL) on the Mineral and Petroleum MPRDA Amendment Bill. However, earlier news that the South African Police Service’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, commonly known as the “Hawks,” had requested Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan to


Mozambique: The High Stakes for Nyusi’s Upcoming IMF Meeting

The Mozambican government’s reluctance to allow an independent forensic audit will be tested in the coming weeks as the IMF continues to demand one. Notably, President Filipe Nyusi is due to meet with IMF head Christine Lagarde during his trip to the US from 14-17 September. Unless Nyusi softens his stance, the meeting is unlikely

Turkey - 01

Turkey: Ankara’s ISIL Strategy: Impact of the Military Purges

Ankara has officially downplayed the extent of the purges that followed the failed coup on 15 July, claiming that only 1.5% of the military has been dismissed. Yet these figures require perspective: when assessed by rank, dishonorable charges at the brigadier general and rear admiral ranks is almost 50%, and 37% at the colonel level.

Indonesia - 05

Indonesia: Who Will Replace Archandra Tahar as Energy Minister?

Archandra Tahar’s 19-day tenure at the Ministry of Energy was not without controversy. His downfall last week had little to do with his ability to carry out his ministerial duties, but rather with the fact that he is a holder of two passports – one from Indonesia and one from the US. Under the

Mexico - 06

Mexico: AMLO Discloses His Energy Policy

On 15 August MORENA’s leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Rocio Nahle Garcia, outlined AMLO’s plans for the energy sector if he wins the 2018 presidential elections. AMLO has stated that he would do everything in his power to block the energy reforms as Congress approved them in December 2013.

Russia - 04

Russia: Bashneft Privatization Postponed: Winners and Losers

On 16 August Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev issued a decision to postpone the sale of the government’s 50.08% stake in Bashneft. Medvedev’s decision suggests that the sale will be delayed until the fall, but in all likelihood Bashneft will not be privatized for at least another year. The decision brings to a halt the long