Kazakhstan - 04

Kazakhstan: KMG-Nabors Joint Venture Underscores Astana’s Tengiz Goals

On 21 April KMG and Bermuda-headquartered Nabors Industries Ltd. announced the establishment of their new JV, KMG Nabors Drilling Company LLP, at a signing ceremony attended by Deputy Energy Minister Uzakbay Karabalin. The JV is slated to be a major driller and developer for the Future Growth Project (FGP) at the Tengiz field, and possibly

Mozambique - 03

Mozambique: Frelimo Pushes 2015 Economic and Social Plan and State Budget through Parliament

On 28 April the Frelimo parliamentary majority voted to pass the government’s PES and budget for 2015, which had been submitted to the AR on 24 April. Notably, Renamo and the MDM voted against both. The PES is a more detailed version of the Frelimo government’s five-year plan, which is in turn based on the

Russia - 06

Russia: Reveling in Confrontation: Sechin Attacks Government and Private Sector Figures

After a period of relative calm in February and March, Rosneft President Igor Sechin has returned to the front lines of the oil and gas political arena with renewed challenges to senior government figures and Rosneft’s private sector competitors. On 22 April Rosneft responded to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology’s proposal to extend

Iraq - 02

Iraq: Prime Minister Abadi’s Evolving Power Base

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s visit to Washington earlier this month set the seal on his first half-year in office, underlining the strong international support he still enjoys and further strengthening his hand in domestic politics. In the early days of his administration, it was easy to characterize Abadi as a puppet or a political lightweight.

Turkey - 02

Turkey: Ankara Balances between Anti-ISIL and Train-and-Equip Program Objectives

In recent months, Turkey has been the subject of allegations in Kuwaiti and Lebanese media that intermediaries operating within the country have been providing funds and recruits for ISIL, including by using an as-of-yet undisclosed bank for these illicit transactions. The news both highlighted the fact that ISIL continues to receive substantial assets from within

Mexico - 07

Mexico: Citla Energy and the Mexican Oil and Gas Private Sector

On 20 April independent Mexican exploration and production company Citla Energy announced that it had partnered with ACON Investments, a private equity investment firm based in Washington, D.C., to seek opportunities in exploration and production projects in Mexico as part of the ongoing energy reforms. ACON has managed some $3.6bn in 50 international investments, including

Mozambique - 01

Mozambique: Xenophobic Violence in South Africa: Implications for the Mozambican Oil and Gas Sector

In the wake of xenophobic violence in South Africa that began in Durban at the end of March, at least three Mozambicans were killed and an estimated 700 Mozambican nationals displaced. This latest wave was triggered by controversial statements made last month by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, who called for immigrants to leave South Africa.