Brazil - 01

Brazil: Petrobras Board Chairman Nominee Underscores Continued Government Influence

On 27 March Petrobras announced that Murilo Ferreira, the CEO of mining conglomerate Vale, had been nominated as the next chairman of the company’s board. Ferreira’s appointment will have to be approved at the upcoming 29 April shareholders meeting. In the meantime, Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) president Luciano Coutinho will serve as interim CEO

Mexico - 05

Mexico: New Round One Changes and Oil Theft Law: Implications for IOCs

The Mexican government continues to take steps to make Round One contracts more attractive to the private sector. On 26 March CNH commissioner Hector Alberto Acosta Felix announced that the initial 14 shallow water blocks included in Round One will be delivered under more flexible conditions. As part of the announced changes, exploration permits were

Turkey - 01

Turkey: Erdogan-Davutoglu Tensions Flare Over Policy Disagreements

Tensions between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu erupted publicly this week as Bulent Arinc, Davutoglu’s spokesman and the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) most senior leader, and Melih Gokcek, the veteran mayor of Ankara and a staunch Erdogan supporter, lashed out at each other in a series of press statements.

Iraq - 02

Iraq: Kirkuk Province Seeks Petrodollars and Integrated Oilfield Development

Horizon recently spent three days in Kirkuk as the guest of the Kirkuk Governor’s Office, during which time we sampled a range of insider views on the future of oil policy in the province. Governor Najmaldin Karim is currently pulled in many different directions between running the provincial government, serving as a wartime leader and

Indonesia - 06

Indonesia: SKK Migas to Become Special State-owned Enterprise by Year-end

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said recently supported the Oil and Gas Governance Reform Team’s proposal to establish SKK Migas as a special SOE. The minister’s announcement reinforced Reform Team head Faisal Basri’s earlier call for SKK Migas’ reconfiguration on 3 March. Said noted that the SOE would be answerable to a board

Russia - 04

Russia: Putin’s Micromanagement: Gas Pipeline Talks with China and Turkey

Recent reports concerning Gazprom’s major pipeline projects reflect President Vladimir Putin’s renewed micromanagement of its negotiations with its counterparts in Europe and Asia. With Putin taking personal control, these negotiations have proceeded in fits and starts as he seeks to fulfill his key strategic objective: balancing Gazprom’s European and Chinese buyers and playing them against

Libya - 01

Libya: Moscow Opens Its Arms to the Thinni Government

As the debate concerning international support for the government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni continues, Russia’s role in Libya is increasingly coming under the spotlight. Western diplomats believe Moscow sees opportunity in Libya given the US’ increasingly weak position there and are concerned about Moscow’s potential spoiler effect in UN efforts to form a unity