Turkmenistan - 01

Turkmenistan’s Government Continues Energy Subsidy Cuts

In late November, Turkmen opposition media revealed that starting on 1 December, electricity prices for the population of Turkmenistan would more than double. Prior to the increase, the price of 100 kWh of electricity was $0.40; the same amount now costs $0.90. The Turkmen population had received no warning about this rise in the price

Azerbaijan - 04

Azerbaijan: Emboldened by Russia and Turkey, Azerbaijan Moves away from West

On 4 December Presidential Chief of Staff Ramiz Mehdiyev released a 60-page report blaming the US for pursuing modern colonialism and accused employees of Radio Free Europe’s Azerbaijan service and several other leading liberal media outlets of treason. In the report, titled “The World Order of Double Standards and Modern Azerbaijan,” Mehdiyev also attacked an